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"Every charter is unique. To see the bay and islands through the eyes of my passengers makes me feel like I’m seeing it for the first time. This is the kind of personal touch Liberation Charters offers. A private charter made just for you!!"



















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Captain Don

Is ready to welcome you aboard his 35-foot sloop LIBERATION, to sail the beautiful Penobscot Bay on the midcoast of Maine.

Captain Don has been sailing the waters of Penobscot bay for over 34 years. He is an experienced racer on big and small boats alike. His favorite summer activity is to cruise the coast of Maine with his family. He has extensive local knowledge about the islands, picturesque coves and anchorages. Captain Don has two daughters who love to sail and ski. During the “off season”, Captain Don turns into “Mr. Mann” and teaches French at the local High School. He enjoys being a Dad, skiing, fly fishing and making his teen aged students laugh.

Passengers Of All Ages

Can enjoy a half-day or full-day adventure with Captain Don in English, French, Spanish, or genuine "nautical speak".

Your Private Charter

On the LIBERATION, which comfortably holds up to six people, will be designed specifically for you and can focus on whatever you want such as:


Hoist the sails, take a turn at the helm, and learn more about sailing


Spot porpoises and seals swimming in the ocean, or go birdwatching along the coasts of nearby islands.


Let the LIBERATION take you out where the ocean breeze will clear your mind, your heart, and your soul.

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