Mark and Susan W. - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My wife and I arranged a half-day sail with Captain Don. After much thought, he decided to postpone our trip (at his expense) one day hoping for better weather. The following day was picture-perfect. We had a wonderful time. We each learned about sailing and took a turn at the helm, saw seals and porpoises!  Thanks for the great day! 

Laura Mills - Kalispell, Montana

Talk about fun!  We did some serious sailing and some awesome sightseeing all in a half-day trip. You know that cliché about how nice the sea breeze feels blowing through your hair, well, it is sooo true. There really is nothing like it. And we stopped at a little island, did some exploring, and had a picnic. On my desk at home I still have one of the stones I picked up on the beach of the island that Captain Don took us to. All I have to do is look at that stone and I can feel the calm of the sea again. Thanks.  

Randy & Janice Cooke - Ringoes, New Jersey

We found Capt. Don Mann through the sail charter service in Rockport, ME. We are experienced sailors but not in Maine waters with their tricky currents, tides and hidden shoals so it was a relief to have Capt. Don starting at the helm. The boat is set up so that you can choose to kick back and enjoy the ride or participate in setting sails and taking a hand at the tiller.
Capt. Don is a foreign language teacher by profession and also a good teacher of sailing. I learned a number of good points on sail trim from him. He is well qualified and the boat is fully equipped with all required safety gear.
This charter is flexible on how much time you want and where you want to go. We chose our first half day charter and had such a good time we rebooked the Liberation for later in the week.
My only hesitation in recommending a Liberation charter is that Capt. Don Mann will be overbooked and we will not be able to get on the boat next summer.